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How to overcome Stress? Defeat Anxiety !!

At some point of our life, We all have seen miracles happen. We have seen or done something that once we thought was impossible. So the question arises how? How did we accomplish that?
If you look back at your life, you would definitely find at least one instance where you thought how I am going to survive that, which could be a breakup, being bullied, some inferiority complex, financial crunch, office politics or any other situation.

And now, when you look at present, that thing or situation that once made you scared, gave you anxiety or even sleepless nights doesn’t scare you any more, you might not even give second thought to that situation if it appears again. Because now it seems silly and you sums it all in one line that you have grown up. But if you look closely to what has changed from that time and now?
If you look closely, what has changed from that time and now, what changes that made you accomplish the things which you never thought you could pull that off.

It’s Perception, your perception towards everything, and by everything I mean literally everything…
If you want to change your current situation, you have to change your point of view (POV), there is no such thing as Bad situation, it’s just our perspective. The only thing that actually exists is things I like and things I don’t like just simple as that. Now you must be questioning..I am at peace with the things I like, but what I am supposed do with the things I don’t like? The answer to that is also quite simple. You don’t like it, get up and do something about it! Do whatever it takes to get result. And by any chance you can’t do anything about it then just leave it right there.
Stressing yourself over the situations you don’t have power over, what good can possibly come out of it? Well, you have already tried your best. Now, leave that situation as its outcome can’t be changed. On the bright side, you can now focus on things that you can change and make them according to your liking. Being stuck on the problems you don`t have much control over just releases negativity, anxiety, self loathing and believe me, those are the things you run from, in opposite direction as fast as you can.
And this is how, by changing your perception toward your problems, You can out think them and move past them with positivity.

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